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Hey there! I’m Jonathan Cardone, and welcome to my portfolio! Alright, a bit about me: I have a passion for content creation, as I have a wild imagination. I graduated from Concordia University, and got my bachelors in Computer Science. I will admit, at first I got overwhelmed with how coding worked, but as the years went by with me obtaining more experience and putting in the effort, I now absolutely love it. Programming is simply a puzzle, where you have to first think about a solution to a problem, and then develop a well-organized structure to make it work.

Before I applied to university, I started creating RPG games using the RPG Maker XP program. Those games weren’t for profit. Making those games was just a hobby, and my friends would play them and appreciate my work. Those were fun times! Now I started using Unity to make my first mobile game Blitz Resist. Unlike my other RPG games, this is a game that I’m making from scratch and will be monetized, so I got to shift gears and apply full force (and $$$) into this! This website will first be used to promote the game, but then will later be used to showcase all my other work, and future work too, so look forward to that!

Thank you all for taking the time to visit my website! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them over in the Contact page.