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The following showcase contains my collection of work that I have dedicated my time and effort into. Thank you for your interest!

Blitz Resist

Defend using quick reflexes

Versions: iOS (Android coming soon)

Languages: English, French, Simplified Chinese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese

Use your galactic shield to defend the satellite tower from the space pirates. Withstand the oncoming missiles long enough for the satellite tower to finish its download process to reveal a secret blueprint. This blueprint contains valuable information, as it is the key to cure all human diseases! Only those who can endure throughout the invasion can discover the mystery.

• Two defensive maneuvers against enemy missiles: block, or deflect them right back!
• Absorb the impact on block or deflect to power up the satellite tower’s barrier, further boosting your defenses!
• Show off how much you uncovered the blueprint with your friends!
• Although this game is completely free to play, there are additional shields offered as optional in-app purchases!
This game does contain advertisements through third parties, but making any in-app purchase will disable them permanently!

Download on the App Store

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